The partnership between FBA Digest and GS1 has the purpose of promoting the correct information on standardized GS1 coding of products in online retail.

Amazon requires the use of product identification codes assigned by GS1 alone. They are doing this because:

  • GS1 has over 40 years of experience: Since 1973, GS1 helps identify products through the use of GTIN (Global Trade Item Number) and automatic data capture by scanning EAN/UPC bar codes, with more than 5 million users today.
  • Assigns Unique Global Identification IDs under license, avoiding situations where more than one product would have the same identifier, a situation that would generate an information conflict and automatic product delisting Amazon.
  • Ensures Product Code authentication: Any GS1 member receives a GS1 License Certificate as the sole licensee for that code.
  • Provides training, consulting, support: GS1 users benefit from courses, webinars, phone support and business development consulting using GS1 standards and solutions.
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